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Children's Art Workshops 5-9 years old


11:30 - 12:30


Our children's art workshops are process-based where we explore the materials and the process of creating rather than a teacher-led finished project. Children are encouraged to create using their own interests and ideas. Every piece of artwork that a child makes while at our workshop will be unique and special to them.


Children clip card (5 sessions): 750 DKK

Sibling clip card: 500 DKK 


Must be pre-booked

Family Art Workshops

3-9 years old


The family art open studio allows you and your family to create art and collaborate at your own pace. We offer different materials each month that promote creative thinking, experimenting, and exploration. The family art open studio is great for parents with multiple children of different ages. Children 5+ can be dropped off.


Children 3-5 years old clip card (5 sessions): 375 DKK

Sibling clip card: 250 DKK 


Children 5+ years old clip card (5 sessions): 600 DKK (with the possibility to be dropped off)

Sibling clip card: 475 DKK


Third child is free.  

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