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About Me

My name is Sarah Riese. I am a credentialed teacher from California. I moved to Copenhagen over 5 years ago and have two children. I love working with kids in all capacities and have a real passion for integrating creativity throughout all subject areas. I feel that all too often children lose their creative thinking skills when they enter a formal school setting. I believe it is important for children to be given the opportunities to work their creative muscle everyday to experience being a risk taker, problem solver, and most importantly to never lose sight of believing in their ideas. I enjoy giving children the creative space to explore their interests, imagination and to embrace the imperfections that are made along the way. 

For the last three years I worked at an International School in Copenhagen as a PreK Teacher Assistant, all while holding art workshops out of my home. After consistently referring to Music Together® and playing the Family Favorites CD in class all the time I decided to take action and pursue a new venture with Music Together. I am now a trained Music Together Teacher and a Music Together Center Director. My Music Together journey started over 9 years ago when my first daughter was about 5 months old. My daughter was the careful observer during class and in the first half of the semester she didn't really participate in class, or at least that is what it appeared to the untrained eye. I played our CD at home and in the car daily. Although, not much of an active participant in those early days of class she was picking up everything we were learning. At home she would display tonal development and primary rhythm while she was playing or if we sang songs together throughout our day. To this day I credit her basic music competence to the foundation we received in our Music Together classes. Most importantly, she (or we as a family) had so much fun during those years we spent in Music Together classes. I was and I'm still very passionate about the program. I always refer and encourage friends to get their babies into a Music Together class. I believe in the program and feel strongly that every child naturally loves music and has the ability to achieve basic music competence in these early years. I am excited to offer Music Together at We Grow and bring a quality program filled with fun and movement into families homes.  

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" -Albert Einstein

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